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Are you bombarded with calls and messages? How to block contacts on iPhone

If there is one thing that we have often regretted, it is of course giving out our mobile number with joy to anyone. In a business relationship, this number is worth gold to those who have no qualms about bombarding calls, either repeatedly or over the course of months. If you’ve made the mistake of giving your mobile to an electricity company, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Another more sinister side of this iPhone chase is occupied by more serious cases of harassment or insults, and for these cases (without omitting to go to the authorities if the situation warrants it), a great option is to block the annoying user , either in calls, messages or even by WhatsApp. How to do it?

Are you bombarded with calls and messages? How to block contacts on iPhone
Are you bombarded with calls and messages? How to block contacts on iPhone

Apple has provided the user with three possibilities to block people who are bothering us, depending on the platform application you are using to contact (Phone, FaceTime or Messages). It is important to note that if you block a contact on one of these you will also block the rest , i.e. you cannot block just one person from calling you and sending you messages. What happens if a blocked person tries to call you? Apple explains that there is no notification to the blocked person and their call will be directed to voicemail if you have it activated, of course.

  • From Phone: Possibly the fastest and most intuitive way to block uncomfortable contacts. Just go to the detail of the received calls (Recent) and click on the ‘i’ on the right of the contact you want to block. After that, you will see at the bottom ‘Block this contact’ and you will have to press that button.
  • From Messages: This process is a little more complicated, but basically it consists of the same thing. We will have to open Messages and click on the message whose sender we want to block, and then click on ‘i’. At this point, click on the telephone number or name of the sender and ‘Block this contact’ will finally appear at the bottom.
  • From FaceTime: The steps to be taken are identical to those described in Phone. We will open FaceTime and locate the call whose sender we want to block. At this point, click on the ‘i’ and then click on ‘Block this contact’.

If you look at it, there are three different ways to get to the same function. As we mentioned, Apple does not distinguish the origin of the blocking for obvious reasons, but directly blocks the contact and saves all the problems. What to do if we want to reverse the process?

The other alternative is to use third-party applications, an option that Apple itself provides

The most convenient way to do this is to manage them from Settings , for which you go to Phone (although you can also choose Messages or FaceTime) and there you go to ‘Caller ID and Blocking’, where you’ll see a list of all your blocked contacts and numbers. To unblock them simply slide your finger over the number.


Contact blocking works really well in iOS, but the other alternative is to use third party applications , an option that Apple itself provides and which are available on the App Store. One of the most famous and effective is undoubtedly, which also has additional functions such as removing duplicates or adding photos from social network profiles.


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