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Are you bad in the kitchen? Learn to cook step by step with SideChef

I must admit, I love food, I enjoy meeting and trying new flavors, but I’m lousy at entering a kitchen and trying to prepare something. I’ve looked for all kinds of applications with recipes that make the process easier, but I haven’t found one that I like, that is clear and that also constantly updates itself with new recipes , because it seems that SideChef is what I was looking for.

SideChef is an application that arises from a project at Kickstarter, which sought not only to offer an application with recipes, but an entire community around the taste for food , making alliances with specialized blogs, chefs, as well as enthusiasts who are those who provide the content along with all those who download SideChef.

Are you bad in the kitchen? Learn to cook step by step with SideChef
Are you bad in the kitchen? Learn to cook step by step with SideChef

When you open the application, which is compatible with iPhone and iPad, you will be asked to enter your Facebook data, or create an account with your email, after this step you will access the full range of recipes, which according to the creators of SideChef amounts to more than a thousand and is still growing . All the recipes are divided into categories placed at the top for easy access, as well as a search engine if we want to show us recipes by type of cuisine, ingredient or occasion.

When choosing a recipe we will know the necessary ingredients, as well as the resulting portions with those ingredients, which can be modified at the moment of starting with the preparation, name of the chef, users’ qualifications, comments, photos of all those who have already made the dish and finally, the option to start cooking.

The interesting part comes when we start, since the application will guide us by voice with each of the steps to follow , everything is perfectly illustrated with photographs so that we do not have problems and get lost on the way, even, if we are cooking alone and don’t want to touch our device and get it dirty with food, SideChef gives us the possibility to go forward or backward by means of two voice commands ” next ” and ” back “, since at the moment the whole application is in English.

The application also has an integrated timer , in case we need to measure the cooking time or any other issue, as well as access to the camera to upload photos of our progress and final result. Once we have chosen a dish, it will go into our recipe book to be able to consult it later. Of course, we can also upload our own recipes, which will appear in our profile, so that other users can follow us and comment on them.

Similarly, we will be able to follow other users in order to know their recipes, tastes and dish preparation calendar , here not only will be the users who use the application, we will also find chefs, various companies and specialized sites who share their creations with the entire SideChef community.

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The application is very well designed, with access to menus and options clearly, its use is extremely simple, the pictures of the dishes are large and defined, which will make us have a clearer idea of what we are doing, the only detail is that the voice that guides us in the preparation is that classic robotic voice to which nothing is understood , hopefully in the future incorporate a clearer voice and “real”, as well as more languages.

SideChef is available for free on the App Store and is compatible with iOS devices from version 6 onwards.


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