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Are the rumors about Apple hateful?

With the approach of a new Apple event calendar, rumors are increasing dramatically. But these have existed for the rest of the year, sometimes becoming a more important source of news than the news itself. Apple has been losing the magic it once had, that’s undeniable, and this in turn has translated into a more classic, unoriginal and repetitive rumorology. Boring rumors? Here we tell you why this might be.

Apple’s keynote from September 10th is approaching little by little, which we at Applesupportphonenumber are going to cover directly and in which Apple will presumably present the new iPhone range with a renewed iPhone 5S, or as it now seems, iPhone 6 and a possible reduced-cost iPhone 5C, both hand in hand with iOS 7. Of all the other possibilities that are being considered so far, nothing is certain and everything is just a matter of imagination.

Are the rumors about Apple hateful?
Are the rumors about Apple hateful?

Because only one thing is certain, and that is that the rumors in general, and about Apple in particular increase in number as the celebration of an important presentation approaches. But today these rumors still seem interesting ?

Many people, including a server, think that it is not, and that more than interesting can be boring and obnoxious . I have been and am an active user of Apple, but especially of Mac, because I have abandoned the iPhone and iPad range out of boredom, the same thing that happens to me with rumours.

Continued repetition of rumors

And these can be boring for various reasons. The first is because not by repeating something tirelessly will it end up being fulfilled . A clear example is the low-cost iPhone that has been talked about practically since the iPhone 3G and that now, almost 5 years later, seems and only seems, to be coming true . 5 years with the same rumor is something that tires and that was. Another example of this type of rumor is the television created by the guys from Mountain View, a young rumor but one that promises to be a war for quite some time.

Lack of originality

The second aspect that makes me abhor the Apple rumors is that they are more and more like the rumors of the competition . And what do I mean by this ? Well, there is no magic any more, these are normal rumours that talk about whether the iPhone will have a bigger screen, whether the range of processors in the Mac Mini will be renewed… but where is the magic that talked about a new and revolutionary product ? The closest thing to something moderately original is the Apple TV, and that’s taken with a grain of salt, because Smart TVs have been around for a while now. Besides Apple now follows the trend of the other manufacturers instead of opening its own way and that also affects the rumor. What some time ago became fashionable smart watches like the Pebble, I’m Watch or the latest Samsung Galaxy Gear? Well, now the rumors are centered on how and when Apple will bring theirs to market.

Loss of mime to keep secrets

A last point could also include the leaks and is that if before a launch was a secret kept with care and zeal , from a time to this part at the time of a presentation there are virtually no aspects that are unknown, something that had the apex with the loss of the famous iPhone 4 and that is revealed with leaks as absurd and parodic as the one that has released two days ago the alleged iPhone by a Chinese operator.

The leaks keep appearing, and as an example the last one that showed the supposed box of the iPhone 5S. As you can see and “with the irony mode in on “, a real show of originality the rumor or leak.

The truth is that more and more users are getting tired of reading this kind of news and ignore it completely unless it’s something revolutionary, thus letting a keynote retain some of the magic of yesteryear from which there is less and less.

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