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Are payments made via NFC secure?

The boom in rumours of the arrival of Apple Pay in Spain has led many users to ask themselves the following question: Is NFC technology safe? E n this article I’m going to try to give you my point of view about this topic, as well as several key points to understand this issue.

More importantly, is this technology safe?

Although it may not seem so, NFC is a fairly secure means of data transmission. This is due to the proximity that must exist between the two devices such as an iPhone and a dataphone is very small . This will prevent third party devices from participating in the transaction. In addition, the providers of this technology can provide SSL encryption, which will ensure security in the exchange of data.

Are payments made via NFC secure?
Are payments made via NFC secure?

Although this technology is not 100% safe. This is because the suppliers of the chips must have the same security methods as on the cards that most users use today. These security mechanisms are basically that e the dataphone does not record our card details such as number or ownership.

Although it should be remembered that many mobile brands such as the giant Google could not avoid security flaws in these chips. Although for the moment, Apple seems to have had no shortcomings in this regard because no errors have been reported publicly related to this communication between devices thanks to the NFC chip.

What precautions should be taken when making a payment via NFC?

When we make a payment with Apple Pay when you arrive in the UK, we will need to take some precautions to avoid certain problems with our transactions. Because although technology is advancing, the most common errors can persist as if we were paying with our already typical plastic card. In the following points I am going to show you security recommendations that I have found in economic websites that I hope you will apply:

  • Check that the amount to be charged reflected on the dataphone is correct. Due to a failure in the synchronization of the NFC chip it would not be the first time that the amount to be charged is not correct, and an erroneous order is transmitted to the bank.
  • Always make sure that you pay on businesses authorized to make these payments. Sometimes in certain “untrustworthy” businesses they may have “trick” dataphones that will allow the storage of our personal data.

Do you find NFC technology reliable when making a payment in a business? Do you think Apple has all these security issues covered? Leave us in the comment box with all your thoughts on this issue that has been resurfacing since the latest rumours about Apple Pay coming to Spain in October.