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Are iOS and OS X destined to merge?

With the arrival of Mac OS X Lion, Apple has made its intentions clear. Some of the concepts learned with iOS are now applied in the OS X operating system, and with very good results. Proof of this is the trackpad and Launchpad movements. Will there end up being a long-term merger between iOS and Mac OS X?

Since last month, Mac OS X Lion started to take a place in our lives and Mac. Its arrival has signified an evolution, and in part a revolution. Things Apple has learned with iOS have been applied in OS X without any complex, and the result obtained is increasingly rewarding and recognized by us, the users. Surely, in the not too distant future, the presence of iOS in OS X will be increasingly important, bringing its characteristic style to the Mac interface. But how good can this possible step be?

Are iOS and OS X destined to merge?
Are iOS and OS X destined to merge?

Mac OS X has always been characterized by its modernity, class, interface and being one step ahead of the competition. Over nearly thirty years, it has evolved to a point where the room for improvement has been reduced. The remedy Apple has applied to it is simple, but it makes perfect sense. Smartphones and tablets are changing society. Almost everything we do with a desktop or laptop, we do from an iPhone or iPad . More and more people are using these gadgets, which have been interspersed among us almost without us noticing. We’re more than used to using iOS, or at least familiar with it. Their excessive and insulting ease of use makes adaptation a mere formality. Aware of this, Apple decided to “iOSify” the features of OS X, and as a result of this mix, the first computer operating system has been obtained that adapts many concepts of mobile systems. Its name is known to everyone: Mac OS X Lion.

Where plus we notice the integration of iOS into Lion is in the trackpad and Launchpad function. Thanks to the trackpad we can move around the interface of our computer as if we were talking about a touch screen. iOS effect, multi-touch movements and simple, intuitive scrolling. On the Launchpad, we arrange all the apps in the purest iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch style, where opening apps is easy, as is creating folders.

How can iOS improve on the current OS X in the future?

  • Notifications: In OS X, we currently receive audible warnings in some applications or we see the typical red round with a number located in a corner of the app, warning us that we have things to check. It wouldn’t be bad at all to create pop-ups, or why not a…
  • Notification center: Integrating it into the Mac would be a big step, and it would help to be aware of the notifications that all applications, such as email or social networks, could provide. It could be located at the top of the screen, and appear when you make a multi-touch gesture or slide up and down the so-called window.
  • A Launchpad for everything: The current concept applied to the maximum expression. Right now, the Launchpad is only useful with applications, so why not integrate it for everything? This would achieve a purer interface, with no objects to fill or saturate it. In the Dock there would only be space for the applications that we were most interested in, to have a more direct access, but from the Launchpad we could access all system configuration, folders with files, movies, AirDrop, etc. Of course, we would have to think in such a way that Finder would be integrated into it, allowing us to execute any search from the Launchpad.
  • Standard Trackpad: Every Mac desktop should have a trackpad built in at the time of purchase. Either physically as it is now, or by adding a panel on the side of the keyboard or at the bottom, portable style. This would make it easier for users to adapt when navigating the new operating system. Besides, of course, whoever wanted to have a mouse would have the option to get one.

Would you like the idea? Would you bet on an “iOSification” of Mac OS X? What would you lack in integration?