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Archy, a great application to manage Google docs

Archy App

The idea was to get a standalone application that would allow us to organize these.

Archy, a great application to manage Google docsArchy, a great application to manage Google docs

Archy is an application that seems to be close to achieving this and more efficiently than the previous ones . It is capable of easily managing all documents, from editing to creation and deletion, in a simple and intuitive way by having an interface that is already familiar to everyone.

It also gives us the option to share the documents from the application itself, preview the changes, edit from any selected application and have the changes automatically saved when saved, notifications of the changes that occur but most importantly: integration with OS X (drag & drop) and offline editing.

At the moment it’s in Beta phase. In September it will be officially launched on the Mac App Store and with the improvements that users will report to them during this time. The truth is, if you were looking for an application to manage your Google Docs, I think you’ve found it.

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