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Arcade, Galaga and Galaxian classics

Galaga 30 aniversario

If Pac-Man’s music is something that will stay in our gray matter forever, and we don’t know what other effects it will have had on our meninges, I’m sure the game we’re going to talk about now will also bring back good memories. To celebrate Galaga’s 30th anniversary, you can find a special edition of this classic arcade game on the App Store . Actually, and here comes the good stuff, what we can download for free is Galaxian, the classic fly game, with Galaga, Gaplus, and Galaga 88 being paid for.

Arcade, Galaga and Galaxian classics
Arcade, Galaga and Galaxian classics

What brings us back? A renewed interface, different game modes, the possibility to modernize the cockpit of our aircraft or leave it as it was in the original, filters to simulate a tube screen, the possibility to share and show off our high scores and a lot of fun (and nostalgia) for all of us who have grown up with arcade games. We can also see a curious video which we wish was not part of the application, as it makes it grow to 135 MB and we can not remove. You only need to find an iCade and that the application is compatible with it. It is available in two versions in the App Store for iPad as well as for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you decide to go through the checkout, the three Galaga games will cost you 5.99 euros. I’ll take Galaxian, which is free.

After the jump I leave you some images of the game. Now I’ll leave you, I’m going to take the last one.

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