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Apps will have to be optimized for iPhone X yes or yes

From April, all apps will have to be adapted to the screen of the new iPhone X. This means that we’ll continue to see notch for a long time to come, as well as setting a new standard, as previous screen sizes did.

Apple wants customers who purchase a new iPhone to be able to enjoy an app that is adapted to their new phone. In the case of the iPhone X , which is the latest to arrive in the Apple family, it is still quite normal not to find applications adapted to this type of screen.

Apps will have to be optimized for iPhone X yes or yes
Apps will have to be optimized for iPhone X yes or yes

This is not the first time this has happened, we have already seen it for example in the case of the iPhone Plus with its 5,5″ screen. Opening an app that was not optimized gave an unpleasant feeling. With iPhone X the same thing happens, so Apple has already given a final date for all apps to start updating.

There is little time left until we reach April , more than enough time for developers to start updating their applications to be optimized for iPhone X.

This message from Apple also takes the opportunity to encourage developers to use resources such as Core ML, ARKit or SiriKit . Let’s remember that ARKit was one of the great novelties we saw at WWDC 17, of which we are increasingly surprised by the uses that can be made of it on a daily basis.

Normally, developers themselves usually update their applications as soon as possible so that their applications are optimized with the new iPhone X , so this message is meant as a reminder to set a deadline.

What do you think about Apple setting a deadline to adapt all apps to the new iPhone X? Are you using any apps that aren’t already?

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