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Apps to get started with the iPhone: Shopping

PayPal (Gratis)


Una de las dos grandes tiendas online del mundo es eBay, tienda en la que podemos comprar todo tipo de artículos, desde una alfombra hasta un iPhone nuevo. La aplicación nos permite conectarnos con nuestra cuenta de eBay, buscar productos por nombres, por categorías o lo que busca otras personas. Aplicación completa y útil, quizás se podría mejorar un poco la interfaz pero por lo demás es de gran utilidad.

Apps to get started with the iPhone: Shopping
Apps to get started with the iPhone: Shopping

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Another Tuesday and another collection of applications to start with the iPhone, but this is the last one, for now. We’ll be collecting the most interesting applications when shopping with our iPhone or making payments. The online stores of eBay, Amazon, the PayPal service and the social network Groupon are the chosen ones for this week.

Every Tuesday we bring you the most interesting applications for iOS on a specific topic a series of articles that we hope will be useful for everyone . In them we try to see and analyze a series of applications distributed in similar themes.

The aim is to help each user decide on which application best suits his or her needs to carry out a particular task. The huge amount of applications that we find in the App Store often makes it difficult to choose one or another, even more so when they are paid for and if once purchased we are not satisfied, we do not have the possibility of returning it.

This week we are going to focus on the basic applications for any iPhone specifically with the basic shopping applications for any iPhone . Once again, an ambitious compilation that we hope will serve as a guide when deciding on your favourite application to get you in shape.


PayPal is for me one of the best applications when making payments with our iOS device. PayPal allows us not only to pay for products we have bought online , but also to pay in physical stores with our iPhone. The PayPal interface for the iPhone is very well maintained and at the same time it is a very functional interface. With PayPal we have the Bump! functionality, which allows us to make common payments or transfer payments between various iOS devices. Without a doubt a app perfect for saving us the trouble of paying.

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Groupon (Gratis)

Como se suele decir, no son todas las que están ni están todas la que son , pero si hemos tratado de hacer una selección de las más significativas, esperando que sirvan de ayuda y en espera de volver la semana que viene.

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We ended up with a somewhat different application than the previous ones. Groupon is a social network where we can find offers and discounts on products and leisure activities. Groupon’s interface is beautiful, ideal to get lost in your scroll : infinite and discover new and better discounts on travel and shops. Moreover, we can register with our Groupon account to access our subscriptions or our coupons. Simply, if you don’t use this great application yet, I don’t know what to expect.

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