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Apps for Watching Eurovision 2014 Live on iPhone and iPad

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For some the wait will have been long, others will think he’s here again? Whatever your case is, you’re probably aware of it by now: Today is the Eurovision 2014 festival . Did you know that you can watch it live on iPhone and iPad thanks to some apps?

Apps for Watching Eurovision 2014 Live on iPhone and iPad
Apps for Watching Eurovision 2014 Live on iPhone and iPad

This year the event is held in the city of Copenhagen and Ruth Lorenzo, the Spanish representative, has travelled there. She will be in 19th place to try and win the competition with the song Dancing in the rain, a song that combines Spanish and English lyrics. Will she convince the voters to get a good place?

The Eurovision 2014 gala will begin at 21:00 (Spanish mainland time) and during the course of the gala, artists from a total of 26 countries will take to the stage to fight for the best place and be proclaimed winners of Eurovision 2014.

The event can be followed live on La 1 de TVE, but if for any reason we cannot enjoy it on television, we can also follow it through different apps that we can install on our iPad, iPad Air, Mini or iPhone and follow it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Below we review some of the apps that will allow us to watch the Eurovision 2014 gala live from an Apple iOS device.

Eurovision Song Contest – the official app

Eurovision has its own app available on the App Store and from there it is possible to follow this year’s edition as a director. It is a free app and, of course, it is optimized for both iPad and iPhone.


RTVE has its own apps. In this case they don’t have just one app, but they have two different ones depending on which device we have: one for iPad and one for iPhone. Both apps are free and, of course, will allow us to follow the Eurovision 2014 gala live from our iOS devices.


On Twitter we will not be able to watch Eurovision live , but we will be able to follow the show if we do not have the possibility to watch it on TV or on an iPad or iPhone. Thanks to the search and hashtags we will be able to follow the event and, of course, comment on it with other people who are following it.

Remember, the Eurovision live broadcast starts at 21:00 and you can follow it with these apps

If you’re a fan of this type of contest and thought you wouldn’t be able to follow it live on your iPad or iPhone, you’re in luck. Now you know how to watch Eurovision 2014 live and not miss the performance of all the artists who will be performing tonight.

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