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Apps for booking dinner and giving flowers

Las mejores aplicaciones para conocer a tu pareja ideal

Y si no tienes pareja…

El día de San Valentín puede seguir siendo muy romántico y especial para ti si no tienes pareja. ¡Prueba con Tinder!

Apps for booking dinner and giving flowers
Apps for booking dinner and giving flowers

Valentine’s Day is coming up , and for the more romantic ones, we have prepared a selection of applications that will be very useful.

We have explored the App Store in search of the most interesting apps with which you can book a table for dinner at that luxurious restaurant everyone is talking about and give the most beautiful flowers to your partner.

Valentine’s Day arrives and along with this special day comes a unique opportunity to surprise your partner. Here we recommend the best apps for this.

Apps to reserve a table for a romantic dinner


TripAdvisor’s ElTenedor is one of the most popular applications for booking a table in any restaurant . Opinions of other users, all kinds of promotions, geolocation and many more features.


This application will allow you to choose from over 6,000 restaurants present in more than 600 different towns throughout Spain. You will be able to manage your reservations, receive notifications of promotions and perform searches with filters.


ClubKviar will offer you the chance to find the best restaurants near you, book your table with a couple of taps and get to know the opinions of the rest of the users.

Apps to give flowers to your partner


FloristeriApp is the best choice when it comes to sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your partner anywhere in Spain . In fact, they deliver the order the same day, as long as they have time. But for Valentine’s Day, we recommend ordering the flowers a little earlier.


LolaFlora is an online flower shop available in Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, Australia and Turkey . They also offer a 15% discount with the code “APPLOLA15”.

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