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Apply filters and share your photos with Landcam


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Apply filters and share your photos with Landcam
Apply filters and share your photos with Landcam

It couldn’t be simpler. They are also the same ones who developed Currency, a currency conversion application that triumphed because of its simplicity and extreme minimalism, with an elegant design. Capture moments, edit photos and share with your loved ones quickly.

At AppleSupportPhoneNumber we love taking pictures with our iPhone and we enjoy editing them, of course. We’ve also talked about it many times, the Apple App Store is full of apps for this purpose. It seems that filtering applications come out from underneath the stones.

Very few manage to stand out, and one of the ones that has caught our attention again is Landcam. Featured in the App Store, Landcam is a simple application for taking photos, editing them with filters and effects and also adding text. It’s made by Simple Simple, the same people who have made Currency, the simplest currency conversion application with a great minimalist design that triumphed in the App Store a few weeks ago.

As always, the good design and simplicity of the application are what make it stand out. Some aspects that are interesting are the double exposure when taking photos, more than 30 filters, 35 fonts, 100 frames, shapes, textures and light leaks, and 12 editing tools.

Please have do and undo and before and after button. As we can’t share our photos to Instagram and also to Twitter and Facebook among others. Landcam is made so that you can take a picture and publish it from the same application without having to go through others: take pictures, edit, publish.

Price: 0.89 euros

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