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Applications with discounts and rebates with AppShopper

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Applications with discounts and rebates with AppShopperApplications with discounts and rebates with AppShopper

Publica tu opinión usando tu cuenta de Facebook.

Very simple: with AppShopper. After some controversy almost a year ago the app referral service is still alive and certainly one of the most used to keep up with discounts and offers, as well as updates.

The first thing I recommend is that you register for the service. It can be used without registration but in the long run it is more useful, because our information will be synchronized and we will be able to follow applications. With the iPhone application you can track applications and put them on your wish list or on your list of existing applications . This is useful for knowing when the apps we want to have are downgraded – or in my case knowing when it’s updated even if I don’t have it – and also useful for knowing when my apps are updated.

This way you won’t miss out on a discount . In this way we could partly keep our list of applications that were discounted for Christmas up to date. I myself have gotten several bargains this holiday season that I wouldn’t have gotten for sure if it weren’t for this service.

Apart from the application tracking – from the web you can also search for apps for OS X – the application activity history . We’ll be able to see all the changes that the application has undergone, whether updates or price changes during its existence. Finally we’ll also see, besides the score in the App Store, the analysis and rating of websites such as 148Apps or TouchArcade if it’s a game.

It had to be reinvented a year ago and added a social factor in order to stay in the App Store: you can add friends to suggest applications in the stream . This is my secret to stay up to date with discounts, rebates and updates and other changes to my favorite apps. Look me up if you want to see my favorite applications or the ones I’m waiting for to be discounted. The only thing that can be criticized is that lately the loading times are excessive and the application needs a facelift. Still, it’s the best way to discover applications, and for free!

Price: free

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