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Applications to improve your workflow between iOS and OS X

Knowing that you are going to be productive with a device is fundamental when buying it . One of the reasons why many users try and stay in the Apple ecosystem is that it provides standard apps that enable improved workflow between iOS and OS X. These are valuable options for many users.

For those who know little about these apps, you can always find something more tailored to our needs by searching the different App Stores, both iOS and Mac. Therefore, in this article we will review those options that are already installed on our Mac and iOS device as well as those that we can find from other developers .

Standard apps that enhance your workflow

Applications to improve your workflow between iOS and OS X
Applications to improve your workflow between iOS and OS X

Standard apps that are common between a Mac and an iOS device use iCloud to synchronize content and status. So the big advantage is that when you do something on one device, you have it on the other device almost immediately.

If there’s one app I use most in my day-to-day life on the Mac and on my iPhone, it’s Notes. Since its update and tuning with the release of iOS 9, it has become a must in my daily life . Write something down on my iPhone, add a cropped screenshot and open its equivalent on the Mac to use it in some article or share it on Twitter. Or add, modify, and mark tasks as completed.

Safari is a great ally when working on different devices. While I’m working on my Mac, I often consult articles, sources, and social networks to gather information that I then use when writing articles. The Safari tabs in iCloud make it easier to manage them without having to repeat Google searches or dive into a Twitter timeline. And you can close tabs that are open on other devices at any time.

Another app I use almost every day is Photos. Thanks to the streaming photo synchronization I can send photos from one device to another immediately. For example, I take a screenshot on my iPhone and it’s ready to use on my Mac. From there I can share it on Twitter with a right click or incorporate it into a WordPress article.

And the reverse works, too. You can download a photo to your Mac or take a screenshot, drag it into photos, and it will sync with iCloud so you can share it on Twitter or other social networks. To complement these apps, it’s essential to use OS X keyboard shortcuts.

Shorten your workflows with these third-party apps


IFTTT is a tool that automates certain actions according to a series of recipes chosen by us. Its name is an acronym that means something like “when this happens, do this”. This can be used to create a reminder when you mark a Gmail mail with a star or dictate a note to Siri to appear on Evernote. IFTTT has a specific app for the Apple Watch, called Do Button, which serves to activate recipes that we use frequently.


Scanbot 4, los flujos de trabajo y acciones llegan a esta app de escaneado móvil.

Workflow is an app for iOS that serves to automate actions, they call it the Automator of iOS. Although I haven’t personally used it, I’ve heard of this trick: sending a screenshot via AirDrop to a compatible Mac or iOS device. This action can be customized to use the last screenshot taken, choose how many to send at once, and set a default recipient.


In a very short time, Slack has become one of the benchmarks for online communication between teams. They have apps for iOS and Mac, so if we combine it with IFTTT we can connect several services to Slack. If you find an interesting link while browsing, you can send it to Pocket with a tag that “triggers” a notification to a specific Slack channel.

Most of these services have a utility that depends on which apps we use in order to shorten workflows between the Mac and an iOS device. What’s for sure is that it’s hard to configure them and find a way for them to do what you want, as long as it’s possible. But once they’re set up, it’s a piece of cake.

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