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Applications that will help you when you travel around the world

During these days is taking place in Madrid Fitur 2017, the most important tourism fair in Spain where thousands of national and international companies show their offers and tourist attractions to attract the attention of travelers. If you are one of those travel lovers and you like to leave your city every time you have the chance, either to go abroad or to another city nearby, you cannot miss a good application .

New technologies are increasingly present in our daily lives, and of course, the world of tourism and travel is also present in mobile devices in the form of applications . There are more and more applications to choose from that make things much easier for travellers, not only when organising holidays, but also to find places once you are there and much more.

Applications that will help you when you travel around the world
Applications that will help you when you travel around the world

The Sociedad Mercantil Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas (SEGITTUR), in charge of promoting innovation within the Spanish tourism sector, has launched The AppTourism Awards 2017 together with Fitur. A contest where the best apps related to tourism and travel are awarded .

First of all it should be said that more than a hundred applications have been submitted to The AppTourism Awards 2017, of which only 18 were chosen as finalists . There are applications of all kinds: some are used to search for tourist destinations in a different way, others to find accommodation or to organise an adventure trip, among other things.


Even if you’ve never used it, I’m sure you’ve heard of Hundredrooms. It is an application that compares different services to find and compare private holiday accommodation . If you prefer to go to an apartment instead of a hotel, this is your application, since from it you will be able to find different options and prices of very popular services such as Wimdu, Airbnb, Booking or Booking, among others.


Do you like adventure tourism? Then Yumping is your application, since it bets on plans with specialists in this type of tourism and connects small local businesses directly with the users. Since adventure tourism is not very widespread, it is sometimes complicated to find a company that offers you activities of your choice. Yumping allows you to find companies according to the difficulty of the activities, from the simplest to the most risky : a ride on a Segway, a game of paintball, a multi-adventure park or even a parachute jump.


Application that has tourism agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the schedule is no longer a problem . These agents will be available to you at any time and regardless of where you are to help you in real time, helping you with your reservation as well as assisting you at the destination if necessary. This is certainly a good thing, especially if you are travelling abroad.


This application offers an innovative hotel reservation service that allows users to manage their stay to reduce costs and even to have it free . The operation is very simple, depending on the expenses you make in different establishments of the city buying in certain shops, museums, etc. you can reduce the final price of your stay in the hotel.

Obviously not all the shops are attached to this service, but don’t worry because in UnSheeping you have a list of all the shops and establishments in the city where you are staying that will allow you to take advantage of these interesting discounts . They are currently spreading all over the world, but the service is already available in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, London, Rome, New York or Milan, among others.


This application developed by a Canarian company has a clear objective, and it is to offer different tools to the client to be able to interact with the hotel in which he stays . Hotel information, booking services, communication with the hotel in 64 different languages, managing check-in and check-out and much more is possible from Requestic.


Stay, is a company that connects the client with the hotel where he is staying and manages all kinds of services: check-in, room service , spa reservations and much more. Now this company has launched an application called Stay-App, through which they make it much easier for users to manage these services from any hotel in the world. Although it is true that some hotels already have their own application for this purpose, Stay-App aims to group everything in a single application.

As you can see the applications related to tourism also have to evolve and change in order to continue attracting the attention of users and offer them a better service . And we have to admit that these six apps that we have shown you in this compilation are very interesting and can improve the traveler’s experience significantly, don’t you think?