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Applications in iOS 7

Just because a strong redesign has come to iOS does not mean that applications will suddenly change. However, we hope that even if it is not a radical and fast change, little by little the applications will adapt to the new design canons that Apple proposes and that so much hate and love has aroused. Anyway, today we can already imagine a little with these proposals of Dribbble

iOS 7 has opened a new chapter in iOS design. In fact, it’s practically the second chapter in a story that was starting to get boring. iOS 7 is that breath of fresh air we all needed on our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . Since its release, many interesting aspects of Apple’s new system for mobile devices have been discovered.

Third-party applications

Applications in iOS 7
Applications in iOS 7

In spite of all the new features, design is perhaps the biggest protagonist since iOS had not evolved in this area at all. In this regard, it was not long ago that Apple opened a new API to developers so that they could add the 3D effect to their applications .

This API is called Motion Effects and will allow application developers to implement the motion effect that occurs when the device is moved and that controls the accelerometer . As for all this, only one question remains: how will developers adapt their applications to the new interface Apple is proposing with iOS 7?

Well, as it seems logical, and as Apple itself intends, applications should not only adapt to the new minimalist style, but also adopt other visual effects as attractive as the 3D effect of the lock and startup screen. But if you don’t want to wait and see how applications slowly adapt to iOS 7, iOS 7 Redesigns has done the dirty work and modified the most popular applications.

So now we can see how Instagram, WhatsApp (which needs a face wash almost as much as iOS) and others like Rdio could look like. All in a blog where they have even tried to fantasize about the application of running from Nike and others like Viber.

Apple Applications

As for Apple applications, such as iBooks, they should also go through a redesign . It would be logical to think that they would be among the first, since they are Apple applications. We can also take a look at what they would look like, as proposed in 9to5Mac.

Taking iBooks as a reference, is perhaps the one that most needs a facelift . Its extreme resemblance to a bookstore at first is surprising and even funny. But the truth is that when time goes by it gets very tired. And it is perhaps Apple’s biggest problem and one that, by the way, it has eliminated: skeumorphism.

That’s why, as we can see in the 9to5Mac proposal, the applications are made with the simple design of all iOS 7, but perhaps too extreme. For example, GarageBand, adopts a style, for my taste, too simple and too bland . Others gain a lot, like iPhoto, which with a darker and flatter color, highlights the photo above all else and is very successful. Of course it’s a recreation. What Apple has prepared can be much better (or worse) than what we see here. For now, it’s up to us to imagine.

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