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Applications for winter holidays

Will you be lucky enough to enjoy a well-deserved vacation this winter? Apple has thought about it and has compiled a series of applications that will help us plan and enjoy them better. With them we can look for new destinations, book flight tickets, find any kind of accommodation and much more! Surely there is an application for that.

I’m sure that in spite of the crisis, many will try to make some kind of escape this Christmas, even if it means disconnecting from the routine. Apple has thought about it and has made us a collection of applications for it. I think this kind of compilations are interesting because there are possibilities that you will discover a new application that you didn’t know about, so we are going to make a summary of the most important ones in each section.

Get inspired

Applications for winter holidays
Applications for winter holidays

What better than consulting the atlas to decide where to go? The best application for this is that of National Geographic. This is the classic atlas that we all had at home but in a digital version with high definition maps, demographics, currency… Gogobot or Triposo also stand out, which will help us discover places to visit nearby. If we want something more social and personal Everplaces is the social travel guide where we can share our trips and consult those of others. The funny thing is that other people recommend it, which is always better.

Travel Itinerary

Now it’s time to plan the trip and travel. In this case TripAdvisor, Expedia and Kayak are the best services to find flights or other types of displacement according to the area, with their respective applications already updated to iOS 7. Orbitz also has one of the most interesting interfaces, and Train & Bus will allow you to search for public transport routes in most parts of Europe. Finally, TripIt is the social network that allows you to plan your entire trip and schedule step by step, so you can have it in the palm of your hand. Once you’re there, Concur allows you to track your expenses and plan the rest of your trip.

Find accommodation

Here’s, one of the big names in online hotel reservations, along with If we want to get out of the way we can also search on Airbnb, rooms around the world are waiting. With WeHostels we can search for cheaper hostels or hotels. And for those who do not go to a hotel and go beyond Airbnb there is CoachSurfing, the social community of those travelers who share everything wherever they are.

On the cover of the App Store you can access the rest of the collection. The apps follow in case you go on a getaway to the beach or to the mountain to ski , as well as apps to discover the city or games for the trip, not to be missed! You can always take the same trip as the iPhone, though.

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