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Application compatibility list

App Compatibility Table (¡Gracias a Hector Holgado por el enlace!)

Then the App Compatibility Table from Roaring Apps is sure to come in handy. A growing list of applications tested by users themselves in which you can check if that application you don’t know how to live without gives any problem or works like a charm in OS X Lion.

Application compatibility listApplication compatibility list

At the time of writing there are about 2000 verified applications although there is always some margin of error. Photoshop CS5 appears to have no problems, while Adobe itself has published a list of problems detected in its applications with the new operating system that in the case of the well-known retouching and design application is unmarked with the impossibility of using droplets (small applications for executing automatic actions). It’s nothing serious, but if you use them in your workflow it’s always good to know.

And you, the most daring and brave, how did you do with OS X Lion? For my part, I’ve been using it for months with every new beta until the final, I’m just having problems with the applications running with Wine. The rest is fine.

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