AppleTV Update at MacWorld 08

At Apple’s event today, the AppleTV software update was announced to support the new movie rental service. But also the Apple multimedia device gains some extra features and reduces its price (at least in the USA, in the Apple Store in Spain it is kept, how curious) , which leads us to a whole series of new features in today’s presentation.

Let’s see in the extended entry which renovation the AppleTV has undergone.

AppleTV Update at MacWorld 08
AppleTV Update at MacWorld 08

The main advantage that can be seen at a glance is the renovation of the user interface that has a new navigation menu with which we can access all the capabilities of the device quickly, so that viewing movies, photos or music is just two clicks away from Apple Remote. In addition, the search interface has been improved and includes the possibility of performing more and better searches in a more intuitive way.

One of the strengths of the AppleTV is the ability to access the image galleries of .mac accounts from the same device . In this way we can browse our own content or that of our contacts that is published on the web and see presentations with their photographs. I think it is a very interesting option, to access at all times and quickly and easily to our photos.

Without a doubt, if before I highlighted the possibility of connecting to our .mac account, Apple has realized that opening the device to other ways and services can bring many advantages and the fact that they include the possibility of browsing our flickr image galleries seems to me a success for its part. In this way not only they enhance their .mac service with which they offer more compatibility but also give the possibility of accessing other very popular services such as flickr or you tube (which was already supported in the previous version).

In addition, now the AppleTV does not need a computer to access a wide range of multimedia content , we can connect to the iTunes Store directly from the device and download music, podcasts, and hopefully soon in Europe, series and movies as in the United States.

In short, this is an update to include this new service of film rental with which Apple hopes to revolutionize the market (we’ll see if it succeeds) that I think is correct and has quite ostensible innovations as the integration of the part of photos with web services , however has known little to me: I expected more format compatibility , maybe more capacity and something more revolutionary than what we have been presented, something that would make me think of AppleTV as the ultimate media center and I’m sorry but I don’t have that feeling.

What I do applaud without hesitation is the price reduction in the American Apple Store , which I think is quite significant: the basic AppleTV now costs 229 dollars compared to the 299 it was previously worth, a substantial reduction of 70 dollars to attract many more people, to see if they take the example of the Apple Store Spain, because an AppleTV for just over 200 euros is an interesting price for all the features it incorporates.

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