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AppleTV mistakenly displays “apps” on the iTunes Store


Nobody doubts that the AppleTV will have its own applications at some point, in fact the question here is why Apple hasn’t integrated it yet. In any case today many users of the device have found a bad joke, the store displayed a banner to download applications on the computer.

AppleTV mistakenly displays “apps” on the iTunes Store
AppleTV mistakenly displays “apps” on the iTunes Store

Logically the disappointment could not have been greater since it was impossible to access the information that the image showed , let alone download any application for the AppleTV. And it seems that Apple does not decide and personally I think it is losing a very important field and also has it almost ready. The infrastructure is in place and the AppleTV is running an iOS version so updating applications from the App Store could be an option.

One of the problems is that the paradigm is radically different between iOS and AppleTV. But for that there are already more than 200 million iOS devices in the world that could serve as application controls in our television, in the same way that they are already capable of controlling other basic control options in the device.

I have no doubt, the applications will arrive at some point to our television from the hand of Apple, the question is whether Apple is saving the idea for its possible television or on the contrary we will see at some point an update of the device with improvements capable of supporting the use of such applications.

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