AppleTV, iCloud, China and the Apple culture

UPDATE: Apple has published the complete audio of Tim Cook’s statements on its official website.
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Apple’s CEO took the opportunity to talk about the company’s current affairs, as well as some of its products. It was the same company that offered a live audio streaming through apple.cominvestor, and there we could hear some of their opinions.

AppleTV, iCloud, China and the Apple culture
AppleTV, iCloud, China and the Apple culture

Tim has talked about AppleTV and how Apple still takes it as a hobby because the market is not as big as the opportunities given by the iPhone or iPad. But at the same time he has commented that he cannot live without his Apple TV, and has made it very clear that “Apple doesn’t usually do hobbies” . That the AppleTV is something unusual in the product line, but that they will continue to pull the thread to see what opportunities arise in the future.

iCloud has also come up in the conversation with Cook. It has been made official that more than one hundred million users use the Apple cloud , and the growth is reinforced by fifteen million new users in just 21 days. Tim has spoken of the service as a charter that will gain importance in the long term, with a strategy that looks ahead a decade. He remembers the presentation of the first OS X, when Steve Jobs said that the operating system was going to set Apple’s course for the next twenty years.

Another topic that has been asked is about a hypothetical iPhone with a prepaid contract . This type of contract is very widespread, especially among young people who want to pay their voice and data fees by recharging. Tim Cook has admitted that the prepaid market is very big, but he prefers to offer the best product suggesting that the prepaid market is already changing in markets as powerful as China (where, by the way, the revenue has been of thirteen billion dollars in one year).

It was inevitable not to talk about the conditions of the workers in the Chinese factories of Apple’s suppliers, which are precisely undergoing hard audits these days. Tim has not hesitated to insist that the workers’ conditions are the best compared to those of its competitors, and that Apple is the company that is working hardest to improve them even further and to solve any problems that may arise.

The last question asked to Tim referred to Apple’s global culture, something that according to its CEO is something that “cannot be replicated” :

The media are increasingly defining Tim, and we can do the same now that we have heard him in several keynotes, press conferences and recorded statements like today’s: his speeches are calm and monotonous in tone, and he usually makes very intense pauses where he gets everyone’s attention . In the same way that Steve Jobs had his own magnetism, Tim’s voice can be recognized just by hearing the first sentence.


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