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Apple’s wearable business is about to enter the Fortune 200

During the conference with shareholders to share the financial results of the last quarter of 2018, Tim Cook made several striking statements. One of them has to do with AirPods and Apple Watch. According to Cook, Apple’s wearables division is almost as big as a Fortune 200 business . But what does this really mean?

What is a Fortune 200 company

This is how Tim Cook announced the growth of this segment , which includes the Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones with a W1 chip. A quick look at the Fortune list shows us what Cook is talking about:

Apple’s wearable business is about to enter the Fortune 200
Apple’s wearable business is about to enter the Fortune 200

The Fortune 200 threshold is held by Aramark , a U.S. food service, facilities management and uniform provider that operates in more than 20 countries, including Spain. As the capture shows, its business in the last year has been 14,604 million dollars. In the next highest position is Monsanto, an agrochemical and biotechnology company that is probably best known.

This means that the Apple Watch and its brothers are about to exceed $14.6 billion in revenue in one year. The newly named Apple division Wearables, Home & Accessories has generated in the last 12 months a total of $19.208 billion . There are counting products such as the HomePod and various accessories both official and those marketed under Apple’s MFi program.

The meteoric evolution of Apple’s wearables

Since before the Apple Watch came on the scene, we knew that the company would not disclose data related to its sales and revenue. However, that has not prevented Apple from occasionally disclosing specific data that allow us to get a better idea of the performance of their wearables as a whole.

In AppleApple Watch Series 4, analysis: the competition goes up

Tim Cook’s favorite has been the Fortune list , since he has used it quite often in recent years. In particular, on these occasions:

The next step of the Fortune 100 l or occupies the USAA insurance company , whose income was $30 billion in 2018. Reaching this level is going to be more complicated, since it would mean more than doubling the business of Apple Watch, AirPods and other wearables on the block.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first model to be completely redesigned since its launch in 2015. As for the AirPods, a second generation is expected this year with features such as Oye Siri and possible physical activity monitoring. This is why while the competition has not yet presented a convincing alternative in both categories, Apple continues to lead the segment alone.

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