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Apple’s ultra-portable is here


5 days ago a rumor with an almost stupid name appeared on the net, it was so obvious that it seemed to be the typical fake pre keynote. Then we were all fooled into thinking that Apple owned several domains that included the word MacBook Air.

Apple’s ultra-portable is hereApple’s ultra-portable is here

You’d think MacBook Air would be a no-show, but contrary to what many people thought, MacBook Air is already a reality on sale today.

MacBook Air is intended to be an intermediate device between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro , albeit with slight differences. First of all, it’s extremely thin, with its thinnest parts reaching 0.46cm , which means it’s really thin.

It includes a multipoint trackpad with features similar to those of the iPhone . Note also that it incorporates a USB port, audio output and a new Micro-DVI port. All these ports are located on the right side under a flap so they are almost “invisible”.

The computer is made entirely of aluminiun or includes a similar appearance to the new keyboards presented by Apple in August, although in this case the color of the keys is black which also incorporate lighting as in the MacBook Pro.

As for its technical characteristics, we can highlight the use of new Core2Duo processors with a size almost 50% smaller than the normal models, it also includes 2Gb of RAM memory across the range and the intel X3100 graphics integrated as a graphics accelerator. It does not include an optical reader, although you can use an external one via USB or any optical drive via Wi-Fi.

Finally comment that has an output price of 1,649 euros and that as an option you can mount a more powerful processor and a very fast 64Gb SSD, this second configuration raises the price to 2,798 euros.

For those who have doubts about the model, you can see a tour of more than 5 minutes, in which it shows all the computer and its functions, in addition to the announcement of the new MacBook Air.

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