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Apple’s strategy, right or wrong?

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Our colleagues from The Salmon Blog make a little reflection on whether the way Apple promotes its products is the most accurate . I explain, as they say, that most companies use the most important fairs in the sector to show what their future launches will be. In this way they survey the market and measure the interest it generates, and then see whether or not it is worth marketing.

Apple on the contrary takes advantage of the passion of its supporters and all that “hype” surrounding the brand . For all this, to know something of the future product of the company we have to look for spy photographs, rumors of what it could include, orders of a component at a massive level to directly relate them to the company, etc. and all this without forgetting the intentional leaks for finally in some Keynote or directly in a closing of the Apple Store, present the new product.

Apple’s strategy, right or wrong?
Apple’s strategy, right or wrong?

Deciding which of the two strategies is the right one is difficult . Firstly because I don’t think that all companies can use the same strategy. Imagine companies like HP acting like Apple or Apple itself acting like any other company that shows its products before they are finished. If they did so, Apple could lose the interest it generates and perhaps sales would not be the same, also influencing its stock market value; if not look at when we are in pre-keynote or post-keynote moments as the stock rises or falls.

I personally, and I think we’ll agree, Apple’s way of doing things is quite right. But it requires immense organization, perhaps only bearable as long as there’s someone like Steve Jobs at the helm. And if you don’t look at the whole show mounted on the famous tablet. A concept that is not new but it seems that Cupertino’s people are going to give us the future.

Maybe, a risky bet if he doesn’t convince later. But if we take into account previous releases (laptops, music players,…), despite being able to find devices with better features, Apple’s ability to create a perfect circle in design and usability is a merit that cannot be denied. Maybe our disposition also favors all that marketing machinery. Machinery that few companies are in a position to be able to say that they are equally profitable.

Video with Steve Jobs’ “One more thing” during the keynotes

Apple is a media spectacle. It makes mistakes too, some very big ones, but today it is a source of inspiration and an example to be imitated by many companies. And it can’t do badly when they have presented these surprising financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009.


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