Apple’s Smart Speaker now available in Spain

It seemed that this day would never come, but finally Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePod is now available at Apple stores in the UK.

To promote this new bet of Californians with Siri in Spanish, the company’s own CEO, Tim Cook made a surprise appearance at the emblematic Apple Store in Sol (Madrid).

Apple’s Smart Speaker now available in Spain
Apple’s Smart Speaker now available in Spain

He was not alone, he was accompanied by the singer Rosalía , who was able to prove the potential of the HomePod by playing one of her hits “Malamente”. Tim Cook’s visit also included a stop at La Moncloa , where he met with the President of the Spanish Government.

This smart speaker is priced at 349 euros and is available in two finishes, white and space grey. To be able to use it with all its functions, we need an iPhone 5s or higher . In the case of the iPad, the second generation mini and above are the ones chosen to be able to interact with the new smart speaker.

The Spanish version of Siri is now fully compatible with the HomePod, one of the great limitations it had in order not to be sold in our country. Now, after a software update, we have the opportunity to interact with the HomePod throughout our home without any problems.

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The speaker offers a subwoofer with a customised amplifier, seven tweeters and a set of six microphones that will allow us to invoke Siri from a distance, even if we are playing music or podcasts at a considerable volume.

If you want to have the HomePod on the wall, you can do it with this stand with immediate delivery, both the colour grey and black.

Are you buying the new Apple Smart Speaker?

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