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Apple’s share of AIDS revenue

You will all already know (RED), if only for having seen the initiative in the App Store these last days. And as has been the case for the past three years, today, World AIDS Day, Apple remembers the victims of this pandemic by coloring its logo red in several Apple stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and elsewhere.

As they explain in MacRumors, the special section of apps for (RED), active in the App Store since a week ago, will remain until December 7th: 25 known applications whose purchase will send during these days a small support to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Apple’s share of AIDS revenueApple’s share of AIDS revenue

Those Apple customers who purchased one of the company’s products marked as (RED) last Friday, November 28th, received a special iTunes Gift Card. And we remind you that today, December 1st, Apple will donate a portion of the proceeds from all its sales to the Global Fund. The company’s official website has already been modified to reflect this initiative.

There is no doubt that any help is insufficient in the face of a major tragedy such as AIDS, and today any purchase you make within the Apple ecosystem will be a small grain of sand. So far the company has donated no less than 75 million dollars thanks to this initiative, so we can say that it is being a success.