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Apple’s “Search” tool will also improve with iOS 14

The leaks that have been discovered for the future iOS 14 operating system do not stop. Not only is iPhone 9 Plus now known, but also some improvements in navigation for Maps and CarPlay. Now it’s the turn of “Search”, a tool that will also have an update .

“Search” One of Apple’s best tools

It is already known that iOS 14 will have new designs, for example a new Apple Watch-style home screen, but there will also be innovations in the applications and tools available on the iPhone.

Apple’s “Search” tool will also improve with iOS 14
Apple’s “Search” tool will also improve with iOS 14

One of its best features is “Search” which has been greatly improved with the arrival of iOS 13 and has even been instrumental in countering theft and recovering Apple devices.

With iOS 14 this tool will have an update that will allow better control over it, plus more options that will come to complement it.

More notifications and RA for location

Relevantly, “Search” will now have new notifications that the user will receive in order to be alerted to the arrival of a contact. The location function will allow you to predefine warning alerts to know if the contact has not arrived at the scheduled place and time . For example, an appointment or the arrival of a family member.

These notices will also include warnings if the contact has left the location prematurely .

Augmented Reality will also play an important role in this tool, as it will now be possible to use ARKit to obtain precise and visual instructions for the desired locations .

The Search app is available on Apple devices and on the iCloud website . At the moment it is very functional to locate all your devices and share locations between contacts, but it seems that this tool is still within the future plans of Apple, as these upcoming features will expand its use, plus the AirTag will take more advantage of it.