Apple’s reactions to the demand for iPhone X

We already have it here. The iPhone X is already a reality in Spain, Mexico and several other countries. Many people, more than expected, have flocked to the Apple stores in the countries where the new phone was launched today. We can already say, with complete certainty, that the iPhone X is a complete success .

And it seems that Apple has managed quite well to alleviate the initial demand for the phone: those of you who have booked it may receive it even earlier than expected. A good reaction to what probably was not expected in Cupertino, lots and lots of people agreeing to buy a phone of more than 1150 euros .

“An iPhone for every need”

Apple’s reactions to the demand for iPhone X
Apple’s reactions to the demand for iPhone X

That fact alone makes for a good debate with many approaches, but I want to focus on one in particular: has this changed Apple’s strategy with its new flagship phone? We will never know for sure, but there is something that raises suspicions to think about.

Almost two weeks ago, at the opening of the Apple Store in Chicago, a cheerful Angela Ahrendts declared on CNBC that there was a sentence that summarized Apple’s strategy to sell its smartphone: “an iPhone for everyone” . In other words, that right now the range of iPhones that you can buy is very wide and that each person has a model suitable for their needs.

Ahrendts said that precisely to clarify that the Apple Store would not encourage the sale of the iPhone X over other phones, which prefer to create a relationship with the customer rather than sell a more expensive iPhone to someone who probably does not need it. To be clear: if you need an iPhone to call and use WhatsApp, the SE is more than enough.

If you’re all willing, let’s go for it

However, Tim Cook said something curious during yesterday’s financial results press conference. He “softened” the high price of the iPhone X , pointing out that there are many Americans who pay an iPhone in installments and that those installments can be as low as $33 per month. “Less than a coffee a day in one of those cool coffee places “, he stressed.

Apple’s CEO also stressed that we can get a discount by giving away our old iPhone that would partially pay for the purchase of the iPhone X. But to the point: while Ahrendts said that there was an iPhone for every need and suggested that the iPhone X was only the flagship model of a wide range of models, Cook took the bull by the horns and encouraged everyone to consider the iPhone X with various signatures saying “it’s not as expensive as you think” .

I’m not saying that this iPhone X was going to be an experiment with very limited units, . But seeing how sales of iPhone 8 have been perhaps lower than expected, perhaps halfway through they have preferred to defend iPhone X as the “brand new” iPhone that everyone will want to have.

iFixit expone el interior del iPhone X, por primera vez tenemos dos baterías en un iPhone

In other words: they may have seen that many more people than expected were willing to spend more than 1150 euros for an iPhone, and perhaps they preferred to go for it all. That in the long run could change the way iPhones are sold: if so many people advocate for the new models it might not be worth it to continue selling the iPhone 6s or 7. We might see those changes in nomenclature for the future as I said a few weeks ago.

Be that as it may, and looking at the queues at the Apple stores, Cupertino must have asked the suppliers to make as many iPhones X as they can. And then, they must have uncorked the bottle of Moët.

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