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Apple’s patented mystery round screen

There has been talk for a long time of an Apple Watch with a round sphere, but there was nothing solid. Now, a patent for a round screen that Californians could use in various aspects is coming out.

It doesn’t seem to be exclusively for a smart watch. This patent was filed in the year 2015 , but it is now that we have been able to learn about it. By reading the registered information, Californians would have several plans about this patent, not only for a smart watch.

Apple’s patented mystery round screen
Apple’s patented mystery round screen

As we know, Californians, like any other technology company of this size, often take out patents for the future, either to apply to their devices or to accept royalties from third parties. Sometimes, we even find patents that have never been developed into a device, not even prototypes.

Although all indications may seem to be towards an Apple Watch with a round sphere, the truth is that Apple is this patent offers the possibility to be incorporated in some glasses , a pendant, some equipment that can be worn on the head, in a car or in two or more devices. This is stated in the “Detailed description” section.

As we say, Apple offers a fairly wide range of possibilities, but logically, seeing the round screen and the date of filing of the patent, everything indicates that Californians would be studying to launch a new design of the Apple Watch or directly that was discarded at the time by the way we all know today.

We remember that the last rumors about the intelligent clock of Apple , spoke of a circumstantial renovation in its screen, where would increase its size of visualization and interaction but maintaining the same size of the spheres, as much the one of 38 as the one of 42mm.

What do you think this new patent unveiling could be?