Apple’s numbers are increasingly impressive

As every time an Apple conference starts, the numbers are presented that represent the greatness of this company. This keynote was not going to be less and gives a review of the whole market of devices of the apple brand. From stores, to portable devices, to music players and, of course, to iOS-enabled devices, Apple can once again end its fiscal year with record numbers, which are growing every day.

I love Apple: it’s a pleasure to be here with you today “. This is how today’s Apple keynote in Cupertino, presented by the current CEO of the company Tim Cook began. It began by talking about the revolution in the markets with the first iPod, with a big change in the way we listen to music, and how the MacBook Air has changed the way people conceive of a computer. Cook also comments on the new stores Apple is opening in different countries around the world, showing a promotional video.

Apple’s numbers are increasingly impressive
Apple’s numbers are increasingly impressive

And, as always, after some praise for the company, the target numbers begin: we begin by showing a graph of the adoption of OS X Lion versus Windows 7 , which you can see below. And the data is extraordinary: while the PC is growing by 4% every year, the Mac has a growth of 23%. And the comparisons continue with the iPhone, currently the world’s best-selling smartphone: Apple has a 70% satisfaction rate , while HTC follows with 49% and, in addition, the iPhone already has a 5% worldwide market share in mobile telephony. Also, as in almost all the conferences, there has been talk of Retail Stores, which already number 357, but which will be many more in the future Not bad at all, right?

The numbers that have attracted the most attention from all attendees have been those concerning the iPod market . Cupertino’s have reached the figure of 300 million sold (when Sony took 30 years to sell 220,000 walkmans), reaching 70% of the market share of portable players . This figure is also accompanied by that of iTunes, which has already reached 16 billion songs downloaded.

But despite their young age, the numbers on all iOS devices are by no means negligible. We find that Apple has sold about 250 million iOS devices , and among them, more than 18 billion applications have been downloaded, which have reported a revenue of 3 billion dollars to its programmers. Furthermore, if we focus only on the iPad, we can see different interesting data such as the fact that 80% of the hospitals in the USA are testing this device in their facilities, something that I think is really great. Next, Scott Forstall appeared on the stage to talk about iOS, stating that of the more than 500,000 applications on the App Store, 140,000 are specific to the iPad, giving a great experience and usability to all its users.

It’s all nice numbers for Apple , as it could not be otherwise in the presentation of the new operating system iOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S.

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