Apple’s new commitment to the environment

We have no doubt that Apple is increasingly committed to the environment. We see it in their device packaging, in their terminal recycling process , and in every presentation they show us how much they’re doing to be a little bit greener. The latest thing in the company is the cooperation to be able to develop an environmentally friendly aluminum, something we could call “green” aluminum.

Aluminium is the main material used to manufacture the iPhone and that is why it is interesting to work on finding a formula to make its manufacture a little more ecological, as in the end each device will have less impact on the environment than it currently has.

Apple’s new commitment to the environment
Apple’s new commitment to the environment

Aluminum manufactured using the new casting method

This is the company’s way, as Apple itself has announced in a press release. This communication mentions the relations with the world’s largest aluminium producers, Alcoa and Rio Tinto. These communications that have been opened between suppliers and the company itself would seek a new process for smelting aluminium without releasing greenhouse gases.

This objective will end up being fulfilled thanks to the relationship with the company Elysi s that seeks to work on a patent with the aluminium producers that want to achieve an optimal production of aluminium by the end of 2024 without emitting carbon dioxide to the environment or any type of gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect.

According to Apple’s own note, it is claimed that the new casting process they are trying to achieve will release oxygen into the environment instead of carbon dioxide. The words we can read in the release are the following:

Aluminum has been mass-produced in the same way since 1886, when it was initiated by Alcoa founder Charles Hall. The process involves applying a strong electrical current to aluminium, which removes oxygen. Today’s largest smelters use a carbon material that burns during the process, producing greenhouse gases. […] Alcoa has designed an entirely new process that replaces carbon with an advanced conductive material, and instead of carbon dioxide, oxygen is released.

Apple’s involvement began in 2015 when three engineers were assigned to find a way to cast aluminum in a more environmentally friendly way, and to date have ended up investing $13 million in this project between the foundries and Elisys.

Tim Cook in this announcement has declared that is very proud to collaborate in such an ambitious project or that it seeks to reduce the gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, demonstrating that his company is committed to the environment.


The Prime Minister of Canada, the country where this project will be developed, has also had some very praiseworthy words for this initiative, as it will reduce Canada’s carbon footprint, and generate thousands of jobs in the metalworking sector.

Apple continues to make progress in making its devices more environmentally friendly. One of its most praised measures is the use of 100% renewable energy in its installations.

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