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Apple’s music service will also be free, but with conditions

This week has been full of all sorts of rumors and information regarding Apple’s alleged new streaming music service , with which they will unify their iTunes Radio and Beats Music services with the idea of tackling services like Spotify, Deezer or Rdio.

We saw during the week that this service is being investigated by the FTC, the contrasting comments between some who say that the negotiations have not yet been concluded and others who say that it will be announced during WWDC 2015, this with everything and launch a few days later in a wide variety of countries and the supposed pressure from Apple to eliminate Spotify’s free mode.

Apple’s music service will also be free, but with conditions
Apple’s music service will also be free, but with conditions

But now, thanks to information collected by Recode, we know more details of the service where a very important feature that had not been mentioned is being confirmed and that is the possibility of having access to a free mode of the service .

Free, but for a limited time

Since the first rumors, everything has focused on mentioning that Apple’s music service will have a monthly price that would range between 7 and 10 dollars, but so far we had never heard anything about a free mode. The good news is that this service is in Cupertino’s plans but under a trial scheme .

According to the information we would have access to a period between one and three months to test the service, since the main idea is that consumers pay for it and they are not convinced of the free model with ads since it leaves losses and almost no benefits. This trial period will depend on the outcome of Apple’s negotiations with the record companies.

SoundCloud also in the spotlight

Of all that has been said about this supposed service, it has always been mentioned that the focus is on Spotify and its success around the world, but now we know that the Apple service will have the possibility for users to upload songs of their authorship to share either with friends or publicly, this without them being subscribed to the service.

This strategy is a clear and targeted attack on SoundCloud , which many nickname the ” YouTube of music ” as we find a wide variety of musical proposals and this is where Apple has also seen a significant business opportunity that it does not intend to let go.

iTunes Radio will now be programmed by humans

Another element that arises today is about the role that the recent BBC signings will play in this service, since according to the information they will be part of the programming department of the radio stations within iTunes Radio, thus having access to special lists by temporality, as well as all kinds of options for any musical taste.

This selection will leave aside the algorithms, putting everything in expert hands that will program the music according to the trends and importance in the world. What we still don’t know is whether iTunes Radio will be integrated into the new service or remain a standalone application.

El servicio musical de Apple se lanzaría de forma pública en varios países durante junioEn Genbeta
Finally, Apple is convinced of the success of this new business model (for them), so they are already planning an important marketing campaign to publicize this new service where the spotlight will be put on its 800 million users who have an iTunes account, predicting almost immediate success by the end of the year.

We are exactly one month away from knowing if this information is real or if it is all just speculation.

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