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Apple’s maps, uneventful due to internal company problems

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Apart from new APIs and some new developments in China, the maps in iOS 8 remain the same as ever. Why, if this is precisely the aspect of iOS that has received the most criticism from the user community?

Apple’s maps, uneventful due to internal company problems
Apple’s maps, uneventful due to internal company problems

Apparently Cupertino had planned to present improvements, but a series of unfortunate coincidences have made them finally decide not to present anything. Many developers left the company, the related projects were poorly planned and the remaining developers had to change projects too often. At least that’s what one source at TechCrunch said.

Don’t be pessimistic about map enhancements, although Apple could do better

But don’t be pessimistic either: the Apple maps have undergone quite a few improvements since they were released to the public. Searches are now more reliable, street languages are better managed, and 3D views are present in more and more cities.

Anyway, it seems that in Infinite Loop they have to give a hit on the table . Google Maps is still pushing hard (I still have the application installed only because of the function of being able to save entire areas of the maps offline, ideal for when I leave Spain), and these organizational and work failures only harm the brand and the users. Let’s see if buying Spotsetter helps to change that.

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