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Apple’s mapping flaws are a competitive edge


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Apple’s mapping flaws are a competitive edge
Apple’s mapping flaws are a competitive edge

The new iOS 6 maps, which are one of its star features, are making a lot of headlines. The jokes are shaking up the network and even the traditional media. This time it is the direct competition, Google, which through Motorola announces a new terminal but supported by the failed Apple application.

The jokes that arise every day around the new maps that iOS 6 has introduced do not cease. The new application that promised to stand up to Google’s maps, doesn’t seem to be succeeding, at least in its early stages of life. We must remember that Apple’s maps are developed in conjunction with Tom Tom , who is not just anyone in the world of navigation. In fact the navigation turn-by-turn works correctly , being the mapping system the one that causes failures, which I am not going to detail, because I am sure that either you have suffered them, or you have echoed them.

As I was saying, the news and jokes around them splash every corner of the net . But there are not only jokes, but also competing companies are taking advantage of this lack of application of Cupertino’s , to promote even more its virtues and to take a small bite of the bitten apple.

This time, we are not talking about Samsung, which days ago was promoting its Samsung Galaxy S III using the iPhone 5. Now, as they tell us in Redmonpie, we are talking about Google itself, which through Motorola, in the announcement of the brand’s new terminal, makes fun of the maps created by Apple . In Motorola’s Twitter account, an image appeared yesterday to announce their new Motorola RAZR M, but it wasn’t a typical announcement. It shows an iPhone 5, or at least part of it, next to the Motorola terminal, although it is unmistakable. Next to it a slogan that reads: “The ideal real world for your hand” .

Everything is completed with the images of both terminals showing one the Google maps and the iPhone 5 the Apple maps, with significant differences between both. The to iLost is also added.

One more sample of what a skid on Apple can give and how the competition is eager to “rub it in” the face. And this time she has made several mistakes. Along with the problem of the maps, it has made mistakes such as talking about the iPhone 5 as the thinnest smartphone , when it is not true or the fact of talking about the best screen on the market, which is also uncertain, because the Nokia Lumia 920 beats it in all aspects. And this is not helping him to gain sympathy and improve his image . Especially when they ask for patience due to the problem of the maps, since it is clear that they have been overcome and it is even rumoured that they are hiring ex-workers from Google’s mapping division to fix the problem. We’ll see how this “mapgate” goes.


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