Apple’s iPhone revenue exceeds all of Microsoft’s combined

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We were surprised to discover that Apple’s profits (13 billion dollars) already exceed Google’s total revenue (10.6 billion), but it doesn’t end there, and if we simply look at the revenue generated by the iPhone we see that is greater than that of all of Microsoft .

Apple’s iPhone revenue exceeds all of Microsoft’s combined
Apple’s iPhone revenue exceeds all of Microsoft’s combined

In the last quarter the iPhone business area generated $24.4 billion, more than the $20.9 billion generated by the sum of all Microsoft divisions, from Windows to Office to Xbox 360 and Windows Mobile. This figure helps us to see how far the balance has tipped in favour of the apple in its mythical war against the company founded by Bill Gates.

Beyond the revenue, Apple also takes the rest with the profits; 9.3 billion produced by the iPhone compared to 8.2 billion from all of the Redmond company’s business areas. Do you remember that video from 2007 in which Steve Ballmer , the current CEO of Microsoft, laughed at the iPhone after its presentation ? Don’t worry, I’ll refresh your memory…

Interviewer: Zune was starting to gain some momentum. So, Steve Jobs goes to MacWorld and pulls out the iPhone. What was your reaction when you saw it?

Steve Ballmer: $500? Fully subsidized? And with a contract? I think it’s the most expensive phone in the world. And it’s not attractive to corporate clients because it doesn’t have a keypad. Which makes it not very good at handling emails.

Interviewer: But how do you compete with that? You have managed to become the centre of attention…

Steve Ballmer: Let’s take the phones first. Right now, we’re selling millions and millions and millions of phones a year. Apple is selling zero phones a year. In six months, they’re going to have the most expensive phone by far that’s ever been on the market…

This was in 2007. Shortly after the official launch of the iPhone, it soon became clear how wrong Ballmer was, costing him those “millions and millions and millions” of phones with Windows Mobile to hit a wall that left them at “zero” . Now, five years later, the iPhone has been instrumental not in the resurgence, but in the rise of Apple over its competitors.

I could not finish without recalling, once again, the famous phrase of Michael Dell , founder of the well-known computer manufacturer, when Apple was going through its darkest moment on the edge of the abyss in 1997.

In 2008 Apple was already four times more valuable than Dell, but now the company can’t even get in a tenth of the way than the apple. Less than $2 billion in the last quarter. Oops.

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