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Apple’s great challenge in the face of Samsung’s commitment to innovation

A few months ago, we wondered whether the iPhone was really running out of room for innovation . Was it really possible that Apple could not present groundbreaking innovations on its smartphone? The various leaks of what could be supposedly the iPhone 7 added a little more fuel to the fire: same design, few changes… Those who were expecting great news were getting desperate.

Some argued that the smartphone is a mature product and that there is really nothing much more innovative to offer. And yet Samsung, Cupertino’s great rival in the premium segment, has shown that new things can still be done in the segment, in the presentation of the Galaxy Note 7 in the recent Unpacked.

New sap

Apple’s great challenge in the face of Samsung’s commitment to innovation
Apple’s great challenge in the face of Samsung’s commitment to innovation

The Koreans’ new flagship terminal has been very well received by critics, and its great innovation has undoubtedly been the unlocking of the screen by means of the iris. However, the truth is that the team inherited the bulk of the novelties of the Galaxy S7 (especially the Edge) where the Korean manufacturer did break moulds : curved screen, waterproof (IP68), induction charging… But above all the terminal had a new design that encouraged many to resume the cycle of renewal of mobile.

If the leaks that we’ve echoed on iPhone 7 are real, the team won’t vary too much in design and Apple will once again focus the improvements on functionality. It’s true that the new device could bring a great novelty in the industry, such as the elimination of the headphone jack, but in hand, the iPhone looks the same as the previous models. And a growing part of users loyal to the brand is demanding new sap .

Continuity versus Innovation

At the end of the day, since you’re going to pay a good price for a new model, you can tell when you take it out of your pocket. It’s possible, but an important part of the market needs to be renewed in the face of a very continuous and conservative line by Apple. However, it must be acknowledged that to date this prudent strategy has worked well for the firm.

We look at Samsung again to see how things have gone after their risky bet on design renewal, and the best judge is undoubtedly the market: the manufacturer announced the highest results in the last two years and largely due to the solid sales of the Galaxy S7 range. It seems clear that this move has been successful, but is Apple right to opt for continuity?

Although part of the market is looking forward to Tim Cook’s future, the truth is that the apple company is targeting a much wider market and with basically only one smartphone. This market has all kinds of users and a radical change could endanger the legendary brand loyalty of its customers. The question is: which part of the pie is bigger? those who are looking for innovation or those who do not want big changes? Apple knows…

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