Apple’s founder thinks the iPhone should copy Android

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Back in 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak decided to get together to create what we know today as Apple. It all started with their development of Apple II, the world’s first colour personal computer. Like all beginnings, theirs was not easy. Who knew Apple would end up being what it is today .

Apple’s founder thinks the iPhone should copy Android
Apple’s founder thinks the iPhone should copy Android

Jobs left us a few years ago, but Wozniak has become an authoritative voice in the technology world, though he’s able to sell even mattresses in his spare time. Although Jobs was the part in charge of business, it seems that Wozniak was the thinking head when it comes to technology , or that assures the only living Steve of those who started that successful adventure.

Wozniak already had the idea of the Apple II in mind. The “difficult” thing was to get funding, something that Steve Jobs achieved after much effort and pure persuasion to produce his first 1,000 computers. But in 85, Wozniak left Apple . Since then, he has dedicated himself to many tasks, among them motivational talks in which he talks about the importance of being faithful to values and seeking happiness above all.

Looking at the dates, we know that Wozniak was not part of the conception of the iPhone , as this year marks the tenth anniversary of his birth. If it were up to him, the iPhone would have been very different from the way Steve Jobs and his people thought it up. In fact, the iPhone would be more like Android .

According to Wozniak, the iOS environment would be much better if it were more open:

Come on, basically what is done with the Jailbreak but in an official way . Without a doubt, with a more open system more alternatives would flourish, but at the cost of such important factors as security and privacy being affected, the real evil endemic to the vulnerable Android. We assume that the solution would be a hybrid… something we will never know.


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