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Apple’s first bioenergetic Apple Store in Japan

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If we didn’t have enough to visit the Apple Store in Ginza, which is beautiful and in an enviable environment, now comes what we could consider the first bioenergetic Apple Store to be opened. And it will also be found in Tokyo, specifically in the Omotesando district.

Although much of the tent is covered, as they are still working on it, you can see how one of the outer side walls is completely covered with vegetation . Vines, grapevines and many other types of plants that do not seek to be a mere aesthetic complement.

Apple’s first bioenergetic Apple Store in Japan
Apple’s first bioenergetic Apple Store in Japan

If we look at the image that accompanies these lines, the wall that is covered is not the main facade, but is a side wall that faces an alley, then we can understand that it is not aesthetic what they are looking for with this wall. Summers in Tokyo are hot and very humid, this wall seeks to regulate the interior temperature in the shop in a natural way.

Apple is very conscious of building its facilities to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and this type of construction could become a trend, although it will depend a lot on the country where they are built.

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