Apple’s Campus 2 will have an auditorium of 161 million

The new facility Apple is building in Cupertino is making news again. This time there is no new video of the facility in drone view. Nor are there any new problems with the construction. This time some data has been revealed about the cost that two of the main pieces of the installation will have .

According to the construction permits of the facilities that have recently been filtered, the new Apple Campus will have a gymnasium of about 74 million dollars and an auditorium that will reach the figure of 161 million dollars .

Apple’s Campus 2 will have an auditorium of 161 million
Apple’s Campus 2 will have an auditorium of 161 million

The auditorium will have a size of 11,1148 square meters (120,000 square feet according to the filtered documents) and will be the place from which the company will make the announcements of new products or services . By the cost of the installation we understand that it will be a first class auditorium, where the press and the company’s guests will feel comfortable and can witness the great presentations that will take place there.

The other piece, the gymnasium, will measure 9,290 square meters (100,000 square feet according to the documents). In this case, the facility will be for the well-being of the company’s workers , since they will be the ones who will take advantage of this facility to do some exercise during their marathon workdays.

No doubt these two facilities will play a major role in the new Apple Campus, mainly due to its enormous size. The cost of their construction may seem very high to us, but taking into account the entire budget, 5,000 million dollars, it does not seem such a high amount.

The new Apple Campus was the latest project of Steve Jobs . He was in charge of presenting it to the Cupertino town hall to apply for the relevant permits. Its construction has already begun and is quite advanced. According to Apple’s plans, the work should be completed by the end of 2016, at which time the company will begin to operate from this new building in the form of a flying saucer. A very energy-efficient building, surrounded by a completely green environment, completely glazed to make the most of natural light and certainly full of laboratories, open work areas and lots and lots of activity.

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