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Apple’s attention to the people at TransMedia

Cloud-based developments are a key part of today’s technological moment. There are many companies that set up their systems and make them accessible from almost any platform. This is not the case of Apple’s alternative and TransMedia transmitted its discomfort in the Glide press release for iPhone. This has not gone down well with Cupertino and their response has not been long in coming.

To find out the origin of all this, we must look at the D11 conference in which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, participated. The topic was the many companies that are offering their different services in the cloud always accessible from any available platform . This is not the case of the Bite Apple company, whose iCloud service is very limited for other platforms and so Tim Cook was asked about the possibility of extending the service to users without Cupertino devices.

Apple’s attention to the people at TransMedia
Apple’s attention to the people at TransMedia

Tim Cook didn’t get anything out of him but the one who did jump to the fore was Donald Leka, CEO of TransMedia, a company whose Glide application allows the exchange of files stored in the cloud from almost any device . And it was a press release that originated all this mess. Glide has just launched a new iPhone application which allows access to our accounts in Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive among others and part of this note says the following:

This has annoyed Cupertino and the response has been quick in coming . A representative of the Californian company contacted TransMedia via email in which we highlighted some important parts of the mail.

It is clear that this “pullita” to iCloud did not sit well in Cupertino’s offices and it was palpable after this reply to TransMedia. In my opinion, I think Apple should be a little less restrictive since not everyone has their whole ecosystem mounted on their devices. In my own case, I use Pages to take notes with my iPad and I have a real problem if I want to modify something from my mobile -with Android OS-. We are facing a very closed system that, if opened, could bring a very good amount of new users to iCloud .

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