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Apple’s Android Benefits

After Apple’s spectacular results in the last fiscal quarter, the truth is that this statistic should not surprise us at all . Apple is practically the only company that makes real profits from the sale of phones.

Each quarter, Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley takes a look at the earnings and profits of the major phone brands. In the latter, Apple’s record has surprised more than one, as with 93% of profits it is practically unrivalled in the economic field .

Apple’s Android Benefits
Apple’s Android Benefits

If you need to consider someone as a rival, it is S amsung, but with its 9% profit share it really has little to do against Apple . It has to be said, this quarter has been Samsung’s lowest since 2008, the largest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens have made a dent in the market that Samsung had controlled.

The more than 74 million phones sold by Apple during the last fiscal quarter of 2014 have been mainly noticed in Samsung, which has drastically lowered its profit share and therefore its revenue is deducted. Going from having 50% of profits to 9% in one year is something that should not be liked at all.

How long is this going to take Apple? , hard to say. The iPhone has been the goose that lays the golden eggs for Cupertino’s company. However, not everything is based on having a lucky break. By bringing out an innovative and quality product, the company is able to sell it at very high prices with high profit margins, so that’s where the real success lies. Meanwhile, Android and Windows manufacturers will continue to produce low-end phones where the profit margin is practically zero.

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