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AppleCare for iPhone, everything you need to know

AppleCare is Apple’s extended warranty for repairs to our devices, in this case the iPhone .

When you purchase AppleCare, you are entitled to telephone support for two years and fast repair service to keep your device in the field as long as possible.

AppleCare for iPhone, everything you need to know
AppleCare for iPhone, everything you need to know

You can contract before the end of the first year after you purchase our device.

AppleCare Benefits

Many of us have needed a repair of our device, for example, an iPhone. Those of us who don’t have an Apple Store or authorized retailer nearby need to send our device to an Apple facility for evaluation and repair if applicable.

This time ranges from 7 to 14 days . A rather high time for a device that is part of our daily life. The advantage of AppleCare is that we have a fast replacement service.

This quick replacement means that we will not be left without our iPhone, where Apple will send a replacement iPhone and we will deliver the defective one. The only requirement is that we have to keep the value of it until Apple receives the defective terminal.

So it’s a considerable advantage, especially for users who don’t have an Apple-authorized repair facility. This coverage includes iPhone, battery (if over 80%), headphones, and accessories.

We will be covered all over Europe , so if we have a mishap outside Spain and we are inside a member country of the European Union, they will solve the problem for us with the same advantages as in Spain.

1+1 warranty

This warranty gives us two additional years. In Spain we have a 1+1 guarantee . That is, the first year Apple will take care of the problems that our equipment presents, but the second year will be the seller who processed the purchase.

In the event that the seller is not available (store closure for example), we have the possibility to claim Apple directly. This is alleviated by having AppleCare, where we will deal with any issues directly with Apple.

In other countries, there is AppleCare+ , which is a comprehensive system, where you are covered for virtually any problem that you accidentally cause. In Spain it is not available at the moment.

AppleCare Pricing and Contracting for iPhone

AppleCare for the iPhone costs approximately ?70 and can be purchased within the first year of the device’s purchase. No matter what iPhone you have, AppleCare does not differentiate between models, so you can purchase it for your iPhone 7, 8, or X without any problems.

To sign up for AppleCare, you have two options , purchase a license from a physical store or directly from the Apple website. In the latter you will have to enter your Apple ID, select the iPhone you want to cover and pay for it. It’s that simple.

In addition, AppleCare includes telephone support for questions about iOs, iCloud, networks, and native apple applications. So all that remains is for you to assess whether AppleCare really meets your needs for a contract.

Did you sign up for AppleCare? Did you have to use it? How was the experience?