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Apple wouldn’t have taken out its TV yet because of screen problems

Apple’s TV, that gadget we’ve been hearing about for quite some time and that doesn’t quite work, seems to be experiencing a series of problems that are bringing Cupertino’s team to its knees. It turns out that Apple’s television would not have come out yet because the screens that have been proposed are not of sufficient quality for the product that Apple intends to present. But who knows if all this is a calculated move or if it is indeed true.

Interesting news that we can read in Business Insider regarding the obstacles that are facing Apple to offer an Apple television with a quality as it deserves . As we have been observing in the last few days, the rumours related to Apple’s television are only growing, something is cooking in the bowels of the bitten apple.

Apple wouldn’t have taken out its TV yet because of screen problems
Apple wouldn’t have taken out its TV yet because of screen problems

Gene Munster, renowned analyst of the apple company, stated that although the idea of Apple was to present its television set during this year 2012, it has not been possible due to problems with the screen. Apparently, the prototypes of screens on which work has been done are not to the liking of the project’s managers, so they have decided to wait, giving priority to quality over the rush to launch a product that has already been playing in the most diverse media.

Munster has had to follow up on the statements he made during the IGNITION conference in 2011, in which he stated that TV would be launched at the end of this year and would start marketing at the beginning of next year . As we all know, his predictions have not come true, so we will have to wait a little longer, although it is not specified how long. The famous analyst says that he has been in contact with Apple’s Asian suppliers and that they have confirmed that the screen samples sent to Apple are not entirely satisfactory.

As far as we know, from California demands a very specific screen model, called IGZO screen, whose main components are the chemical elements indium, gallium and zinc oxide. It seems that making an IGZO screen of the size they are asking for from Apple is going to take their time, and at the same time claims that it is a matter of time and trial-error before they get it. We, meanwhile, wait.

More rumours and rumours, although you have to take into account that this one comes from someone very close to the Apple world. What we don’t know is if all this is an orchestrated move to somehow justify the delay or if what Munster says is really true. We will have to wait patiently , we have no choice. What do you think? maneuver to justify himself? , right? , half right?