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Apple would work on a freelance car like Google’s

Some time ago, some rumors came to light that talked about the possibility that Apple was working on the manufacture of an autonomous car . Now, alarms have been raised again after seeing a vehicle in the name of the American company with cameras on top on the streets of San Francisco.

Last week we told you about this mysterious car , but we pointed out the possibility that Apple was testing to extend the functions of its Maps application with a service similar to Google Street View. However, there are those who believe that it could be something different, as it is an autonomous vehicle.

Apple would work on a freelance car like Google’s
Apple would work on a freelance car like Google’s

On the other hand, we should not forget the interest Apple has in integrating iOS in cars through CarPlay , platform they presented in March 2014. But today the focus is on a new rumor that says that Cupertino’s guys could build an autonomous car, following in Google’s footsteps.

Apple would build a self-contained car with help from Tesla Motors workers

Earlier this week, BusinessInsider commented that they had received an anonymous email claiming that the company was working on something related to automotive development . To do so, they would have the help of several Tesla Motors employees who have made the leap to Cupertino.

This information has been subsequently supported by other specialized media , who claim that Apple is indeed working on a car. Could we attend in the not too distant future the presentation of an iCar?

Some people practically claim that Apple is developing a car or car-related technology. In addition, several reports indicate that several employees of Tesla Motors who would have left their jobs to move to the Cupertino based company to work on a big exciting project.

There is an 80% chance that Apple is working on a car

Apparently, from iPhoneinCanada they point out that a source close to the company recently claimed that there is an 80% chance that Apple is working on a real car , rather than some kind of technology that integrates like CarPlay.

The car that could be seen last week on the streets of San Francisco is very similar to the one used by the first Google autonomous prototypes , which is why it is believed that Apple still has plans to get into the automotive world. Plans that, on the other hand, must be said to go back to the times when Steve Jobs was among us and ran the company.

Be that as it may, Apple has not yet made any statement on this subject and will probably not do so until the time of its presentation, in the event that such an autonomous car actually exists. Meanwhile, we continue to see progress with the platform for integrating the iPhone into cars, such as the support for Wireless CarPlay introduced in iOS 8.3 Beta 1.

What do you think of the idea that Apple could launch a car? Do you think it would be successful?

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