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Apple would use the Watch Sport 7000 Series Aluminum

Although there are still a few months to go before the next generation of the iPhone sees the light of day, rumours of all kinds about its possible features, design… Now new information has come to light that talks about the possibility that Apple could use the 7000 Series aluminium used to manufacture the Watch Sport Edition in the future iPhone 6s .

Weeks ago there was talk about the possibility that Apple is working to launch three models of iPhone this 2015 , one of them 4 inches, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed. One of them would be the iPhone 6s, which according to the latest rumors would be made of 7000 Series aluminum.

Apple would use the Watch Sport 7000 Series Aluminum
Apple would use the Watch Sport 7000 Series Aluminum

The information has been published by the Taiwanese media Economic Daily News and indicates that Apple will use the 7000 Series aluminum for the iPhone 6s, which will become the next generation of the company’s smartphone. As we said before, it would be the same alloy that the company developed for the manufacture of the Apple Watch Sport Edition.

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7000 Series aluminium would make the iPhone 6s much more resistant

As explained by Apple, the 7000 Series aluminium used to make the Watch sport model is 60% stronger than standard alloys . Therefore, if it is used to make the chassis of the future iPhone 6s and 6s Plus these would be significantly more durable than the current smartphone models, and we must not forget the controversial Bendgate that affected the 5.5 inch model.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the density of 7000 Series aluminium is one third that of stainless steel, which would allow the iPhone 6s to be even lighter than the current model. In addition, a special anodizing process creates a hard outer layer that would help protect the iPhone 6s from scratches and corrosion.

Apple has released a video describing the manufacturing process for the aluminum case of the Watch Sport Edition , a process they could use for the iPhone 6s if the rumors are true.

According to Apple’s official website, the 700 Series aluminium created for the Watch Sport Edition has “a brilliant colour and a uniform structure free from defects and impurities” . Seeing the characteristics of this material it would not be surprising if the American company decided to use it for the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s is one of this year’s most anticipated devices

Both the iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro are two of the most eagerly awaited devices of 2015, and it’s no wonder. If this information is true, the iPhone 6s would become the first company smartphone to use this material , although there doesn’t necessarily have to be a change in design.

MacRumors says that Apple has in the past introduced new features first in one device and then extended them to other devices, such as the Touch ID or Force Touch technology. Therefore, does not rule out the possibility that the same happens with the aluminum 7000 Series and that we see it in the next iPhone 6s .

Do you think Apple will use this 7000 Series aluminum for the iPhone 6s?