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Apple would release a $1,200 MacBook in September according to DigiTimes

As the presentation of Apple’s new products in September approaches, the various analysts are constantly publishing information using Apple’s own production chain as a source. Today DigiTimes published a new report where they comment on the launch of a new MacBook in September in addition to the now defunct AirPower base.

This report also details that Apple will not renew the iPad mini 4 in September but will introduce a new MacBook that will have an initial price of $1200, according to sources from Apple’s own production line.

Apple would release a $1,200 MacBook in September according to DigiTimes
Apple would release a $1,200 MacBook in September according to DigiTimes

The AirPower base we talked about a few days ago is also beginning to make an appearance in most analyses, where it is stated that we would see it in September with a price range of between 160 and 190$ . Although analysts agree on the launch date, which would finally be in September, do not agree on the price, as some believe it will cost $150 and others claim it could reach a whopping $200.

The MacBook that would be introduced in September with a base price of $1,200, leaves us wondering what Apple will do with its MacBook Air from 13″ with a price of less than $1,000. Some analysts believe that will withdraw this model leaving us only with the $1200 option, although others believe that Apple will opt for a much cheaper Mac to attract a public that has been gradually moving away from the world of Apple laptops as is being seen quarter after quarter, although it is being delayed possibly by problems with the distribution of processors.

We think that Apple may end up removing the cheapest version of the Mac to “force” users to use the iPad if all they want to do is consume multimedia content and perform office tasks, something would make a lot of sense, since Apple is constantly working to turn the iPad into a computer.

Of course, in addition to a new AirPower and a new Mac , we’ll also be seeing the three new iPhones in September, as well as two new iPad Pro with Face ID and with a borderless screen.

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