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Apple would prioritize services over iPhone revenue

In recent times we are seeing how Apple, through various movements such as the promotion of John Giannandrea to Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, is making predictions that will focus all its attention on services . This approach could have a priority over even the sales of the iPhone, which have been key for the company in the last decade.

At the beginning of the year, we were already aiming for this strategy from Apple. On that occasion we echoed a report from the well-known newspaper The Wall Street Journal and now, again thanks to the same medium, we have new information that would confirm this new approach of the company led by Tim Cook.

Apple would prioritize services over iPhone revenueApple would prioritize services over iPhone revenue

Over the past few months we are seeing continuous news about new Apple services or improvements to existing ones . These include the company’s signing of actors, actresses and producers to create content on a new streaming service that will arrive this year to compete against established platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video.

Also, several economic analysts suggest that Apple’s stock market rebound would be a washout for its services and this could come with a unification of the mentioned video streaming service with the current Apple Music and a new press platform that could reach the United States.

The most recent changes in the management of Apple’s major service departments are not going unnoticed either. According to The Wall Street Journal report, many Apple employees are “confused” by the many changes in leadership.

This restructuring would confirm the change in direction of the company that could stop playing all the games on the iPhone . And although this does not mean that Apple’s mobile devices will be exempt from novelties, the truth is that the company is aware of the current limitations of technology with respect to innovation . It is no coincidence that the sector is stagnating, especially in countries such as China, where Apple is probably the company that has been most affected by the tariff measures implemented by Donald Trump, among others.

Therefore, if Apple’s commitment to its services is successful, we could be facing a quite important turning point . It would not be the first time that we have seen a change of direction in the company, as it has historically defined itself as an innovative company in the technology sector, capable of revolutionising the industry with computers and then later with the iPod and finally with the iPhone.

What do you think about these changes from Apple? Do you think they will have the expected effect? Leave your impressions in the comments.