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Apple would not be able to launch an iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020

5G connectivity is playing a leading role in the technology sector this 2019, as we saw at the MWC held in Barcelona the number of devices presented that have already made this leap to 5G coverage although the infrastructure is not yet fully prepared for this. Apple has given no sign that it will make this leap this year but the vast majority of analysts have said that they are reserving for 2020 when there will be much more users with access to 5G connectivity but it seems that in two years Apple would not be ready to release a 5G iPhone either.

UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri has wanted to take the against to the rest of analysts and has stated that there are more and more probabilities that Apple will not be able to present in 2020 an iPhone 5G basically because it would not have available the corresponding modems that are compatible with this connectivity.

Apple would not be able to launch an iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020
Apple would not be able to launch an iPhone with 5G connectivity in 2020

Most analysts said that next year Cupertino’s company would already have the necessary components to be able to launch an iPhone 5G although now it seems that Intel could not have the corresponding modems for next year.

All other brands have been able to introduce these new 5G-compatible devices because they use Qualcomm’s modems that have introduced this year’s connectivity standard. The war between this supplier and Apple is more than known to all and that is why here we would have a significant delay by the company of Cupertino compared to the rest of the competitors.

This is not a very serious problem, or at least not in our country. We say this because in Spain 5G technology is not yet widespread in the infrastructure and that is why next year we do not think we have 5G coverage in many cities and therefore we would not take advantage of this new iPhone.

Obviously we are many months away from knowing for sure if Apple will launch an iPhone with this coverage standard, everything will depend on the rush from Intel to develop their new modems because seeing Apple and Qualcomm together again is something we believe is unlikely after the court battle.

Leave us in the comment box your opinion about this new rumor, will we see an iPhone 5G next year?