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Apple would make an investment of $100 million

For several years, Japan Display has been a partner of Apple, usually taking care of the development of the LCD displays of its devices. All indications are that this relationship has continued to strengthen, which is why a report from Asahi in Japan indicates that Cupertino’s firm is looking to invest $100 million in the Japanese company .

Currently, Apple accounts for 60% of Japan Display’s orders , and through this investment, the apple company would move LCD orders from China to Japan, according to the report.

Apple would make an investment of $100 million
Apple would make an investment of $100 million

At AppleJapan Display you will be in charge of manufacturing the Apple Watch Series 5 OLED displays

Further details of the investment are unknown at this time, but the truth is that Apple seems willing to help keep Japan Display afloat. Not in vain, Cupertino’s firm has ordered the manufacture of several of its screens from this Japanese company, since even, let’s remember that in April of this year rumors indicated that Japan Display would be in charge of manufacturing the OLED screens of the Apple Watch Series 5.

With this investment, Cupertino’s firm shows that it would be willing to come to the aid of its supplier, after its rescue plan was put on hold by the withdrawal of two Taiwanese sponsors (TPK and the CGL group) from a capital injection plan, according to the Japanese newspaper Asahi.

This is not the first time that Apple has become involved with Japan Display, as the company is said to have paid most of the $1.5 billion cost associated with the dedication of a new LCD factory for Japan Display in 2015.