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Apple would launch its own headset later this year

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So far, Apple has been very secretive about the format of its headphones. They have always been the traditional button headphones, daring to launch in-ear ones a few years ago, and today the triumph is indisputable with the AirPods. But according to Ming-Chi Kuo, it looks like we’re going to have changes in that strategy in a few months.

According to the analyst at KGI Securities, Apple is working on a model of headset , specifically in the over-ear format. This would be a high-end headset that would be launched at the earliest by the end of this year, and it is not difficult to deduce that they would be completely wireless.

Apple would launch its own headset later this year
Apple would launch its own headset later this year

A distinction must be made between over-ear and on-ear headphones . Over-ears are those that cover the whole ear, leaving the ear inside the headset to isolate the outside sound more efficiently. On-ear headphones are those that simply rest on top of the ear, without covering it completely.

Technically, Apple already offers both types of headphones: the Beats Solo are on-ear and the Beats Studio are over-ear. So another good way to describe the news is that Apple wants to have its own Beats Studio Wireless. And this makes me wonder: why does Apple want to do this?

Perhaps, as a result of the success with the AirPods, Apple wants to push the private label headphones further. Beats have their audience, of course, but if Cupertino has managed to make AirPods sell well, I don’t even want to think about what would be achieved with headphones.

After the miniaturization achieved in the AirPods, an Apple on-ear headset would fit a lot of technology

Also, keep in mind that there is plenty of room for technology in a headset design. Inside the tiny AirPods there’s a lot of sparks and sensors, so what could we have in a headset that covers our ears? I dare say that inside those headphones we could have functions or hardware components that we haven’t seen so far in headphones from other brands. And I don’t mean something like Siri.

All of this will be seen, if it happens, by the end of this year. And before that, according to the source, we will also see the arrival of a new version of the AirPods with improvements. Apple wants its accessories division to keep growing like crazy.

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